Maps and Guidebooks

Cumbria Way Maps and Guidebooks

On this page I have gathered together details of the various maps and guidebooks which cover the Cumbria Way walk. I have written a brief summary of each book and, where possible, I have placed a link to purchase directly from the publisher ( I do not receive any money for sales etc).

For those who love a bargain the guidebooks and maps are available second-hand online and can be in excellent quality.

Cumbria Way Maps

Harveys Cumbria Way Map

Harveys Strip Map

A tough, durable and waterproof strip map at 1:40,000 scale shows the Cumbria Way route on a single sheet with useful additional information ….. more details here

Footprint Strip Map

This Footprint map is divided into five sections, each portrayed on a separate map panel at 1:40,000 scale. The map is based on OS data and text describing the route accompanies each section ….. more details here 

Ordance Survey Explorer Mapping

The OL Explorer 1:25,000 scale OL4, OL5, OL6, OL7 and Explorer 315 clearly show the entire route of the Cumbria Way in full detail and are available as standard or waterproof maps ….. more details here

Cumbria Way Guidebooks

The Cumbria Way by Anthony Burton

The Cumbria Way

by Anthony Burton ISBN 978-1854106155
Published 1999 by Aurum Press
Sadly now out of print but still available cheaply second hand. OS mapping at 1:25000 scale and very detailed route guide and information. Full colour photos.


Cumbria Way

by Paul Hannon
ISBN 978-1870141765
Published 2009 by Hillside Publications
I believe this is out of print now but second hand copies can be bought. No mapping but detailed route guide. Black and white photos.

Walking The Cumbria Way

by John Gillham
Published 2015 by Cicerone
ISBN: 978-1852847609
Very detailed route guide and other related information. The book has OS mapping but only at 1:50,000 scale. Full colour photos ….. buy direct from publisher

Cumbria Way by John Trevelyan

Cumbria Way

by John Trevelyan
Published 2002 by Dalesman
ISBN 978-1855681972
I believe this is out of print but second hand copies can be bought. Basic strip mapping. Only 32 pages but the clear route guidance led me from start to finish on my first Cumbria Way walk.

The Cumbria Way by Peter Jackson

The Cumbria Way

by Peter Jackson
Published 2012
ISBN: 978-1908098375
Detailed description and route and other information. No mapping but GPX files are available.

The Cumbria Way

by Paddy Dillon
Published 2013 by Rucksack Readers
ISBN: 978-1898481577
Very informative and detailed with full colour photography. Not brilliant mapping. The only ring bound guidebook listed here ….. buy direct from publisher

Other Cumbria Way books

The Cumbria Way

by Jason Friend
Published 2006
ISBN 978-1903506202
Not a guidebook but a collection of stunning photographs along the Cumbria Way taken through different seasons. Also includes commentary and maps.