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Cumbria Way Accommodation

Cumbria Way accommodation can be hard to find, especially in the summer months. This applies in the Langdale and Caldbeck area especially. Many inns & B&Bs operate a minimum of two nights stay. If you are struggling then one tip is to try somewhere slightly further afield and ask if they are willing to pick you up and drop you off the following morning. I have done this in the past and have never being charged extra for it.

Use these pages to source your accommodations needs but please try to book accommodation in advance and give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel the booking so the room can be re-let otherwise your deposit may be forfeited. If you are going to be late arriving at your accommodation it is always a good idea to ring and let the proprietor know so they can keep your room open for you.

If you are undecided on where to stay or how to break up your journey then why not visit the links page on this website and read of other Cumbria Way’ers accommodation and trip recommendations.

Please note that this is a relatively new site and accommodation providers along the route are currently being compiled and will be added to the website as and when they arrive.

Remember to double check all details with the establishment itself as this guide cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions nor for any loss arising as a result.

When booking accommodation through this website it would be greatly appreciated if you could mention that you saw the listing on www.cumbriawaywalk.info

Cumbria Way accommodation for Ulverston © Iain Jones http://hiking.topicwise.com/doc/cumbriaway2014

External links for Bumkhouses and Campsites along the Cumbria Way

Below I have placed a couple of external links for Cumbria Way accommodation. These are in the form of a comprehensive listing of campsites, bunkhouses and hostels.

Please note that I have no control over the information provided by the links.

Independent Hostels UK

We are the largest network in the UK, featuring over 420 bunkhouses, hostels and camping barns with locations all over England, Scotland and Wales.


Planning on camping as you walk the Cumbria Way?  camping or glamping? Find and book camping sites easily.